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Accessibility to modern facilities is not the only selling point of the Camella Solamente. There are also plenty of amenities that are exclusive only for the residents of the community.

First of all, the Camella Solenad employs a team of highly trained security personnel whose primary responsibility is to take care of the residents’ safety and well-being. There is always a guard or two posted in the main gate of the compound. They make sure that no one can get in the compound without an invitation from the homeowners. The security guards are also trained in basic First Aid, so if any of the residents call the guard house to report any serious accidents, they will be the first ones to respond and keep the victim stable until the Emergency Medical Technicians reach the site.

There is also a tall, concrete perimeter wall enclosing the entire Solamente compound. The wall is quite tall and provides absolutely no handholds that will allow intruders from scaling it and just to add to the difficulty, there are miles of razor wire lining the top of the perimeter fence. Now, in case someone was foolish enough to force himself inside the community, he will not escape the watchful eyes of the dozen or so security cameras and the patrolling security guards. You can definitely rest easy that your property will be completely safe inside the Solamente.

In addition, the roads inside the compound are wide enough to allow emergency vehicles to navigate through the community to help the residents in case of emergencies. Solamente is unlike other subdivisions that are crammed so full of townhouses that the streets have become too narrow for even the small fire engines can’t even drive through them. This means that there is a greater risk of massive damage to property and loss of lives.

Aside from the safety and security features, there is also quite a number of recreational amenities that Camella Solamente offers to its residents. First of all, there is a basketball court right inside the compound, so if you want to play a couple of rounds of hoops with your kids or friends, you do not have to go outside the Camella Solamente’s grounds. There are also a couple of outdoor playgrounds where your kids can play with the other neighborhood children and still be safe.

Probably the best amenity in the Camella Solamente is the rather large community pool. The summer heat in Batangas can be quite unbearable, so when the temperature gets too hot for you to handle, you can head on over to the swimming pool area and cool off in the water. The swimming pool is constantly cleaned and maintained so you can rest easy that the water is always clean and fit for use.

The Camella Solamente actually provides more recreational amenities than most of the subdivisions in Metro Manila, which means you are actually getting a better deal. Yes, you will be living in the province technically but you will certainly not feel like you are missing out on much.

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  • Security Service
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